Open Hole Services

Open Hole Services

IV-TEX Limited, in conjunction with our technical partner, offers a full suite of Open Hole Logging Services that is guaranteed to provide you with the most reliable set of formation evaluation data needed to accurately characterize your reservoir.

From the conventional Triple and Quad Combo logs to more advanced Borehole Imaging, Magnetic Resonance and Formation Testing services, we cover all facets of formation evaluation.

We also have a reservoir analysis team on hand to help you interpret the data to make sure you’re getting the best out of the data you have acquired.

We offer the following Open Hole Services:

  • Formation Lithology Logging Services (Gamma Ray, Spectral Gamma Ray and Photoelectric Factor)
  • Formation Porosity Logging Services (Neutron, Density and Sonic)
  • Formation Resistivity Logging Services
  • Borehole Imaging and Dipmeter Services
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Logging Services
  • Reservoir Pressure and Fluid Sampling
  • Borehole Seismic Services (Open and Cased Hole)
  • Coring Services

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