Cased Hole Services

Cased Hole Services

IV-TEX Limited offers an extensive range of Cased Hole solutions. From our Cased Hole Evaluation suites that are designed to provide you with the answers you need to make informed decisions on your well, to Well Intervention, Cased Hole Completion, and Perforating Services, we aim to deliver reliable, cost effective solutions, always.

Our team of experts work with you from design to delivery and because they know the environment so well, they’re able to offer tailor made solutions that produce the needed results without unnecessary wastage and rework.

We offer the following Cased Hole Services:

  • Cement Evaluation Logging Services
  • Casing Size Measurement (Caliper) Services
  • Downhole Video Services
  • Setting of Bridge Plugs
  • Setting of Production Packers
  • Dump Bailers Service
  • Zone Change/Water Shut-off Service
  • Production Logging Services
  • Depth Determination Services
  • TCP Correlation Service
  • Casing Gauge Services
  • Carbon/Oxygen Logging Services

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